Update: April 2014


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have been heavily preoccupied with the business of life. I don’t seem to have the brightest memory, either. The following is a good example:

My younger sister asked for my assistance with a video game, yesterday. “The Wind Waker” is a Zelda title which I was very familiar with. I would consider it a guilty pleasure in my early childhood, given that I would sometimes enjoy its simplicity more than the supreme, but far more complex “Ocarina of Time.” With my countless hours of experience in the former game, you would suppose that I could offer some advantageous advice. The advice that I actually gave was something along the lines of a blank stare, followed by the words, “Look it up online,” which inevitably and embarrassingly slipped from my mouth in little time.

At least I can rule out senility, as I am in the prime of my life and am still able to impress my family with my “vast knowledge” when we are watching “Jeopardy!.”

But let me convey something other than the scope of my memory and focus on what is more important: the purpose of my (this) blog, as it stands today. Brace yourself… To be honest, I haven’t quite decided yet. This should come as no surprise to any long time readers, as it is a decision I have obviously mulled over for roughly half a decade. It’s a realization like this that can make you feel old, even when you’ve barely reached adulthood! But if you don’t learn to be decisive early on, it will become a chronic and detrimental facet of your adult life, and a decidedly (pun intended) unattractive one at that. And yet, it is entirely avoidable. I am fortunate to have had a very hospitable upbringing that I am constantly grateful for, even when my actions seem to show otherwise. In this regard, none of us are perfect, and certainly not myself in particular.

While nothing is set in stone, I have plenty of ideas for what to do with this outlet. You may have noticed that the headline of this blog has changed as a symbol of some of my newer interests (note the featured quote/tagline under the heading.) I have deleted some of my older pages devoted to gaming which were outdated, not to mention the dead URL links they harbored. In addition, I regrettably have lost the majority of my previous interest in photography. Should you be reading, cousin Richard, please note my earlier remark that “nothing is set in stone.” Interests change, and behaviors follow suit. It should be evident at this point that I have had much time to think about the purpose of my life and what control I have over it; what it means to me.

I will say that, as always, my intellectual cousin has been a considerable influence on my life. I will always value his opinion, and will continue to learn from him. I read his posts regularly. (Incidentally, you can, too at: http://thripp.com/). I’ve noticed that as of recently, he has been devoting much of his writing to the philosophy of life, explaining his standpoint on certain common human morals and values. I intend to do somewhat of the same, as human behavior has always interested me, psychology being my favorite subject. Perhaps this runs in the family to a certain degree. Regardless, it has always been a focal point in my daydreams and reflections.

With these things in mind, I will make no promises in connection with future postings, as I cannot be taken at my word. I may decide to write about a particular event or experience and then change my plan of action. Or like has been the case for several years, I may simply give myself time to meditate on what is really important, serving my God, Jehovah, and engaging in other activities that bring happiness and satisfaction in my life, such as my love of music in all its forms.

It is with a positive, determined, and almost merry feeling that I conclude this post in the hopes of making interesting future ones.

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