Piano Covers (2014-)

At this point, I feel I should make known my intention to start sharing a few of my piano covers. I play mostly by ear, so I will not be offering sheets, however, I will provide links for MP3 recordings when I am able.

I teach myself how to play various songs and jingles on the piano as a hobby. A recent example is my interest in learning certain sections of the soundtrack for “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” This “legendary” game was a hallmark of my early childhood. I have even found myself subconsciously humming random Ocarina tunes in the shower on occasion…

Enough of that. I intend to make a special category on this site for any of my future piano-related uploads, entitled, “Piano Covers.” I’ll bet you didn’t see that coming, huh?

In regards to the video player that I will use for these and most, if not all of my future video uploads, I plan to embed them from YouTube. The reason for this is my (biased) preference for the YouTube player’s interface, as well as its popularity and reputation. Like with every plan of action, there are cons to taking this particular measure, such as the well-known annoying ad system.

A certain level of tolerance is necessary and expected from all internet users.  And so I trust that my decision in this matter will likely be well received by most. Thank you.

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