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Banned from Google AdSense!

If you are not aware, recently my cousin (Richard Thripp) was banned from Google AdSense for an unknown reason. The email he was sent is unbelievable, since no reason is given why he was banned! As far as we know he was simply “in violation of our terms of use”. We have reason to believe Google has been cheating innocent bloggers, as Google refuses to pay the $570 he earned last month from Google ads. Richard Thripp will soon be visiting CA, where he plans to personally take this matter to the Google Headquarters. Justice will Prevail! Visit: to learn more. Soon a website will be made, protesting Google’s actions. If you feel you have been cheated in a way by Google, please support us by sharing your thoughts on the above website! Down with Google! Or as we call them: Great Oodles of Gargantuan Lies & Evil!

Nothing But Loyal

During a bike ride in my neighborhood, A lady passed us walking one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen. Although it was slightly angry, I could sense the calm majestic personality of this creature. I simply had to add it to my collection! I asked to take a picture and my request was granted. As I took the photo, I am absolutely positive that without a doubt, the beautiful dog posed at the last second!nothing-but-loyal

More Photos Soon to Come!

I have been uploading a lot of new art (photos) lately! You may have noticed I deleted a large portion of my website. The reason behind this is that I feel that I must limit my website to only what is needed. However, If you feel there is something I should add, I’m open to hearing requests, suggestions, e.g.t. You may leave them in your comments. I do encourage you all to comment. Tell me what you think of my work. Thank you all for your kind support to my blog!