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I enjoy acting and playing the piano. I am a big reader, moviegoer, gamer, etc. My favorite book is Oliver Twist. My favorite video game series is, hands-down, "The Legend of Zelda." I have squandered countless hours of my life taking in the graphics of "Ocarina of Time" and "The Wind Waker."

Nothing But Loyal

During a bike ride in my neighborhood, A lady passed us walking one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen. Although it was slightly angry, I could sense the calm majestic personality of this creature. I simply had to add it to my collection! I asked to take a picture and my request was granted. As I took the photo, I am absolutely positive that without a doubt, the beautiful dog posed at the last second!nothing-but-loyal

More Photos Soon to Come!

I have been uploading a lot of new art (photos) lately! You may have noticed I deleted a large portion of my website. The reason behind this is that I feel that I must limit my website to only what is needed. However, If you feel there is something I should add, I’m open to hearing requests, suggestions, e.g.t. You may leave them in your comments. I do encourage you all to comment. Tell me what you think of my work. Thank you all for your kind support to my blog!